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A Soul-Quest Record of Outer and Inner Journey

""Drawn by a Star' is a soul-quest record of both an outer journey to Patagonia and the transformative inner journey within each of us. Thank you, Meg Robinson." (Catherine Ann Jones, author of "The Way of Story"

An Adventurous and Spellbinding Journey through South America

"Meg Robinsons's wonderful tales of her adventures through Patagonia in South America, takes you on an unforgettable journey - one that awakens the spirit in travelers and all walks of life. Meg, unlike some writers, has the unique and special skill of writing from the heart. She reminds the soul of what it feels like to dream again and to actually have the courage to make those dreams happen." (BS)

If you read this, set aside some precious time and her book will undoubtedly take you to places that you had never believed existed before now!! or for those who have traveled to these faraway lands, you will indeed travel to those places again in every possible sense, for both Meg and her stories, will capture both your heart and soul." (Ms. M. Aitchinson, United Kingdom)

My Favourite Writer

"I've read many books in my lifetime as you know and it's not because I know and like you as a person...I just have to say that you happen to be my favourite writer. You have a way of bringing even the most ordinary experiences to life and adding a bit of fairy dust to them. You also have a way of making me laugh and not many writers can do that. I'm also enjoying having a 'bird's eye view' into your most extraordinary past." (Rana Rodger, France)

A Fascinating Look into the Creative Process

“'Drawn by a Star' is a memoir about one artist's search for a story (in Patagonia) to build a film around. Charmingly told, it’s a fascinating look into the creative process. The book will appeal to lovers of memoirs, readers who love to travel, and anyone interested in the creative process. The writing is rich and clever. The plot is really fascinating- an artist goes on a journey looking for her story and discovers herself. I absolutely loved the film synopsis at the end of the book. A wonderful epilogue. This is an unusual book; I think it will be a winner.” (Booksurge critique)

Wholly Original & Entertaining

“'Drawn by a Star' is a wholly original, off beat, non generic, entertaining, instructive travel memoir set in Patagonia which will appeal to anyone who travels and to a wide target audience looking to appreciate the mystery and allure of adventure”. (Booksurge critique)

A Superb Piece of Work

"What can I say - a superb piece of work - exciting and real - a learning for life's path - we are never alone :0)" (Moon Cradle Rosemary)


“Consistently excellent writing”. (Irish review)

Entertaining, Beautiful

“Entertaining, original, funny, and above all, simply beautiful”. (Scottish review)

Meg Has the Gift of Writing Straight From the Heart

“In general, travel writers don't give you the whole story: you know full well that they are keeping the real stuff back. Meg tells it like it is, though, and by means of telling all she adds an extra lustre to those moments of joy and illumination that, for the traveller, make travelling worthwhile, that put your feet back on the road time after time. It's a deceptively simple trick, but I think, having read this delightful book, that I've figured it out. It's this: Meg has the gift of writing straight from the heart." (Chris Stewart, Author of Driving Over Lemons)

An Enjoyable and Well-Written Book

“An enjoyable and well-written book. I bought it to give as a present, primarily as it had been recently published and I was attracted by the cover photograph. The recipient, my niece, thought it a superb read and it has sparked in her an interest to follow Meg Robinson's footsteps and travel to South America. On my niece's recommendation I too read the book. It is an easy read, written in a very personal style in the manner of a tale being recounted by one friend to another. Once I had started to read the book I found it difficult to put down. I was particularly struck by the sensitivity of the writer, not only for the way she communicates with her fellow travellers and other characters she meets enroute, but also for the way she addresses and attempts to reconcile issues from the past. A good book, well worth the money." (C. Sayyid)

What "Drawn by a Star" and "Eat, Pray, Love" Have In Common

"I sometimes think of the book Eat, Pray, Love when I think of Drawn by a Star. The two books have something in common which is very important. They each have a very authentic voice, a narrator or author whose voice/viewpoint you instinctively feel you can trust and a metaphoric journey in which truths and insights are revealed." (K.R )

A Gifted Writer

"Meg Robinson writes from the heart. This is a book for everyone that listens to the voice in their head, wherever they are- through the good times and the bad, through adventures and bumps on the road. This is an honest look at life unfolding. It just happens to be in Patagonia but Meg has the gift of making it anywhere with a direct and thoughtful account of her personal experiences in living her life in the present moment. By taking chances, by following her intuition and self-guidance she takes us on a road of discovery, opens our hearts and makes us believe that our own adventures are possible. Life is a beautiful mystery, with exciting characters and amazing places that she beckons to us to experience. She is brave, she is a traveller, but most of all she is a gifted writer and artist who is willing to share her most vunerable and personal moments on this earth and helps us to understand that the first step is maybe the hardest but after that, in learning to roll with the punches and go with the flow, the world is our oyster! Read it, enjoy it and believe too that your life is an adventure awaiting to be discovered!" (Vicky - Review on

The Mystery, Beauty & Glorious Adventure of the Journey into Yourself

"Meg Robinson reminds us that the journey down into yourself is as full of mystery, beauty, and glorious unfolding adventure, as any journey through the deepest of forests or across the bluest of waters.  And that whether a journey leads into your heart or into the world, the path is truly enriched by the extraordinary people you meet along the way." (Barb Greenberg, author of After the Ball: A Woman's Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After)

Meg Robinson Has Painted A Rich and Warm Landscape-in-Word of the South American People and Their Environment -- " 'Drawn by A Star' has been something of a revelation for me as my inner self was journeying with Meg all the way, in so vivid a quasi-reality that I'm enriched beyond belief by this work that she undertook. Not only did she enable the film that she envisaged to begin to develop its deep, significant and healing content, but she's painted a rich and warm landscape-in-words that has brought the South American people and their environment into a perspective that both excites and touches my heart." (Romany Buck)

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